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A land with a long history

A land with a long history Fampa’s farms are based on the land of Ancient Messinia in South Peloponnese. Famous for its fertility, this land has been well known for centuries for the precious goods it offers and especially its unique extra virgin oil.


 An exceptional quality Olive oil is universally famous for its high nutritional values, full of vitamins, A,D,E and K, antioxidants. Serious scientific studies recommend its consumption as a shield against many other diseases. The father of medicine, Hippocrates the wise Greek doctor in ancient times discovered its precious value for his patients. So, the cultivation of olive trees goes back in antiquity and we keep being faithful to this tradition. The Koroneiki variety of our olive trees produces olive oil of excellent quality, with exceptional taste and unique flavor. 

A family process

A family process For generations, Fampa’s family cultivates and produces our extra virgin olive oil by combining traditional methods of cultivation with modern techniques, targeting to a product of high quality while maintaining the sustainability of the ecosystem. Our grandparents inspired us through hard work and love, passed their secrets that this blessed land revealed to our generation and the olive tree cultivation became our love and our oil our reward. The whole process from picking the fruit by hand to bringing the oil to you sealed in a bottle is a ritual for the whole family. Our olive oil is the true story of Fampa’s family and our land. Our olive trees with roots hidden well deeply in the Messinian land and their branches breathing the breeze of Ionian Sea keep the secrets that make the fruit grow and offer us its priceless treasure.

A precious gift from nature at your table!
Enjoy it! 


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