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We decided to grow aloe biologically and systematically. So we left urban life, we changed our attitude and devoted ourselves to its growth.

Our plantations are growing steadily and so far we have had 20,000 aloe Vera Barbadensins Miller plants at productive age and we hope to double them soon. Since more and more young farmers / producers are interested in becoming part of the whole project. Our plantations (farms) are situated in Kyparissia and Marathopolis, two towns in Messinia, in private fields right by the sea where aloe grows ideally. The mild climate without low temperatures, the rich soil and our persistence to succeed in this pioneer project for Greece, have helped our plants to grow and develop in big plantations, full of green aloe leaves. All our farms are biologically certified. Every single work, from planting to harvesting is done at the lowest environmental cost, even if that means a higher economic cost for us.

When planting the plants zeolithos and organic combust are used. Zeolithos is well known for its capability to reduce oxide stress and block toxic substances. The organic combust is mainly produced by ourselves. It is the organic and vegetable waste that usually end up in the garbage bins. For us it is the most precious food for our plants. It is gathered daily after the family activities, kept in a special place, it is stirred regularly and nature does the rest. Fertilization and disinfection are also done according to biological agriculture. Weeds around the plants are removed by hand and then left on the ground as food for the plants. Finally we only use biologically approved products in order to protect our plants with the least environmental print.

“The four fundamental substances for a man’s health are grains, grapes, olives and aloe. Grains nourish, grapes lift up the spirit, olives give harmony and aloe heals”.

Christopher Columbus

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